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About us...the story

 Daven Screw Products is a family owned business. 

 It began in 1989 when I, Larry Austin, decided that I had what it takes to run my own business.  I began with 3 leased Davenport Machines and three customers that indicated a likeliness that they would stick with me if I started out.  They did for many years until our economy began to change with the advent of the internet and the import frenzy that has developed.

 In 1993 I met my wife to be, Cathy, and in 1994 we got married and she joined me in running the business.  She had one baby girl going into the marriage and we've had 3 more girls since.  She has come and gone from the business over the years to make motherhood a priority when needed.  Our first priority is family.  This business has done well in providing a family that is close knit.  No matter what, I get to see my kids every afternoon do their homework as Cathy and I work to get our orders out.  We have offices set-up just for the kids to do their homework here.

 In the spring of 2001, the economy began a downturn and we lost a considerable amount of work to imports over the next 2 years.

 In early 2002, Cathy and I brainstormed about how to start our own product line of Aluminum Spacers that we could make and stock.  We set out to test the waters on the internet for the next 18 months.  We learned that the market was strong enough to replace some of the work we had lost in the downturn.

 In 2004, just as many businesses were beginning a presence on the web, we began preparing this website and all of the business necessities for this new product line to take off.  Then we began to fill our shelves with standard sizes of spacers that we expected would be good sellers.  Some were big movers and others were not.  We've learned and are still learning which sizes are most in demand.

 As we learn, we are constantly improving the quality and quantity of our product available.  We are also regularly improving the website to make it more user friendly and informative.  In this world where everything on the web changes every couple of years, it is difficult to keep up.  But we are here and working hard to do just that.  Most important to us is to make many happy customers by producing the highest quality spacers available and at the lowest price offered anywhere on the web.  We know that our customers must succeed for us to succeed. 

 Today, Cathy handles the much of the office, sales and shipping while I manage the website and production of our product.  Our children each have small responsibilities in the company that are steadily growing along with their abilities.  So far, they only participate a few hours per week, but we are hoping that each of our four children will find a niche within the company where they can make use of their abilities and help the business grow.  One thing is for sure; they are learning some of the intricacies of being an entrepreneur.

 We look forward to serving your spacer needs.  If there is anything we can do to win your business, please don't hesitate to call.

 For more about us, we have a website that I built in 2000 before our 4rth was born...  It hasn't been updated in a long while, but it will give you an idea of who we are if you're interested.