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Our Goal

We strive to provide only the highest quality spacers at very competitive prices to both major corporations and to garage shop hobbyists.  We stock quantities to support most small business.  If you see it listed on the website here, then we have it in stock.  If our stock drops below a certain point, the website will tell you how many we have left on that product page

We have the capability to produce much higher quantities on very short notice for nearly any corporate need.  If you are looking for 2 spacers or 2,000,000, we are your source.

We have many return customers because we strive to provide the best quality, service and price available anywhere.  We look forward to gaining you as one of our valued return customers.

Our Acheivement

We are proud to boast a customer satisfaction rate in the 99th percentile.  We are not without error, but when errors occur, we are quick to rectify the problem. 


If you do have a problem, call us.  We are a family run business and we care about each and every customer.  Your success is ours.  Getting you what you need is our highest priority.


How we sell Quality Spacers at such Low Prices

We are first and foremost a spacer manufacturer.  Though we have other customers whose product we also make, we have chosen to dedicate a majority of our facility to manufacturing spacers. 

Most spacers available for purchase today are manufactured in Asia.  We have nothing against our foreign competitors.  We are just innovating to win back some of the work we've lost in years past.  Go U.S.A.!

By making and marketing our own spacers with no middlemen between you and us, we are able to compete with imports while we beat the pants off them in both quality and delivery.

We hope you'll give our spacers a try.  If you are not completely satisfied that all we say is true, then return them for a full refund.**

Larry & Cathy Austin

**Custom Spacers excluded


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